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3 car

Bigger is Better

With large floorspace a builder has the responsibility of designing with flow in mind.  Homes are built for humans and humans come in a large variety of type and style.

Hence a fantastic design should help a variety of homeowners by being fantastic and approachable, meaning it will accomodate furnishings of all sorts, while achieving the main function intended.

Being a human design means allowing the free flow of light, because light is energy and we like energy.

Clean and Classy

Okanagan style defines the grace and quality of this home; a crown jewel we are proud of.

Spacious, an open floor plan, gorgeous trim effects, fabulous floor to ceiling windows, and magnificent stone work upon the walls.

Throughout the home, various aspects were given a specific treatment to ensure variety is exercised to the benefit of the aesthetic.

The environment in this home is truly a work of art and even sans furnishings is still a breathtaking product to dwell within.

Situated with a mesmerizing view of the lake and surrounding mountains of the Okanagan Valley, the home owners here are a fortunate and pleased.


Kelowna, British Columbia is a developed city situated in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, nestled against Okanagan Lake.

A tourist trap during the summer and a winter get away during the 'off-season', Kelowna never slows down.  Some joke that we grow new cars each Spring, but the...

Villa Sogno :: 2016 Tommie Awards :: House of the Year

Kelowna Builders

Lots of real estate development is taking place in the Kelowna region in the last few years. Heavy demand from buyers for different kinds of properties has forced Kelowna builder to come up with new and exciting projects in this region. New golf properties, beach properties, ranch properties,...

How to pick the right lot for your dream home

You want to build a new home.  You can picture your new castle in your mind clear as reality.  How it will look, how it will feel to be inside it, how the air will taste of the wood, or stone in certain rooms.

You have it all figured out.  But where will it sit?
Where will you...


The Pars home is a unique icon among housing. In every Pars home you'll not only find the trademark details that we're recognized for but also the hightest creativity and innovation in design and finishing that sets new trends and higher standards. It is these attentions to quality and...

The construction market has leveled

How's the current housing market?

It is stable.  Moreover, it's growing.

Since the real estate crash in 2008, the Okanagan has been recoiling, and slowly recovering until we find ourselves now in 2014 and the real estate market...

Pars in Westcoast Homes & Design

A Kelowna kitchen takes its design cues from an old-world villa

The natural stone floor in this Kelowna kitchen — travertine with chiseled edges — sets the tone for the design of the custom-built home reminiscent of an old-world European villa.

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